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If you feel that your own communications or PR campaign could do with a shake up, why not get in touch with our business team, and see how we could help your business?


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Tennis star Laura Robson has been quite literally 'chilling out' in an ice bath with the world's favourite shaker - the SmartShake. Laura took to Facebook to post the picture as she continues to get back to full fitness following an earlier year injury. READ MORE.


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Manchester based fitness brand Muscle Mousse has expanded in to Europe, set for distribution with NaskorSports. The high-protein dessert mousse has already enjoyed much success in the UK and Ireland, and will now be distributed to retailers in Germany, France and The Netherlands. READ MORE.



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Manchester to Manhattan.

The agency's UK headquarters are in the stylish business district of Spinningfields, Manchester, but the agency also has key bases in New York and London.


Our established global reach programme helps clients to reach a wide variety of media and expand in to other markets both in the UK & Europe and in the US.

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Event management & PR specialists

in the north west...

Welcome to Paparazzi, specialists in both event management and PR in Manchester, Lancashire and Cheshire.


We organise events for corporate, private and not-for=profit organisations, as well as arranging our own events across the networking, fashion and social sectors. We specialise in combining our PR services with event management, for example when a brand is growing or launching a new product.

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Manhattan restaurant Spaghetti Incident is aiming to make spaghetti portable. Owner Emanuele Attala, who runs the Lower East Side restaurant told QSR Magazine it is customary in Italy to eat spaghetti from a paper cone. Leaks are prevented by using double layered, strong paper, and the cost of the cones vary between $6 and $12. Image by Matt Bruck. READ MORE.

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Monarch Airlines will operate additional frequencies on certain ski routes this winter 15/16 season. Additional flights to Salzburg, Barcelona, Alicante and Almeria are planned, giving customers a greater choice for their winter travel breaks and ski travel. READ MORE.


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While our website has a little work done, why not drop our friendly team an email or give us a call?

We can discuss your event or PR requirements with you and see how we can help!


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